See Which One Of These Falls Church VA Restaurants Sounds Like A Plan

Restaurants In Falls Church

See Which One Of These Falls Church VA Restaurants Sounds Like A Plan

Where are you going to eat in Falls Church VA? You have over 300 restaurants to choose from, and there are some really nice places. I’m going to tell you about four of the top dining establishments that you might want to visit. Here are the names of those places to eat in the charming city of Falls Church, Virginia.

Taco Bamba on 2190 Pimmit Drive is known for serving up some delicious food for sure. Have you ever tried Mexican corn? You can also order up carne asada, beef tongue, tortas and of course scrumptious tacos. I think I would have to leave off the beef tongue, but tacos and Mexican corn sounds delicious, as does the carne asada. What do you think you would try if you ate at Taco Bamba?

Sea Pearl Restaurant is the name of another popular dining establishment in Falls Church VA. The location for this restaurant is 8191 Strawberry Lane, and fresh seafood is the name of the game. Do you like oysters? What about co and sushi? I’m not a big sushi fan, but the cod sounds great right about now. Pork belly is another one of the menu favorites at Sea Pearl Restaurant, kind of a breakaway from the seafood theme.

The name of the next establishment is 2941 Restaurant, and its location is 2941 Fairview Park Drive. Halibut, chocolate mousse and beet salads are three menu highlights, and the restaurant is said to be a very beautiful place. Check out the rest of the tasting menu, and see what you think about dining out at 2941 Restaurant. It will make for quite the unique meal with your family.

When in Falls Church, another restaurant that is a good pick is Clare and Don’s Beach Shack. Located at 130 North Washington Street, Clare and Don’s Beach Shack is known for its fried pickles, fish tacos and crab cakes, to name a few menu items. The place also features what people say is a fun atmosphere, and that makes for an enjoyable meal.

You’re about to dine out in Falls Church VA. Does one of these four restaurants strike you as a place you would like to grab a meal? You’re going to find many other great dining establishments in the city, seeing as how there are over 300 restaurants. Grab a bite to eat at one, and then try out a few others if you have time as well.