Find Out Where To Eat In Falls Church VA

Restaurants In Falls Church

Find Out Where To Eat In Falls Church VA

Where you eat in Falls Church VA does make a difference. If you’re hungry, you’re likely to have an easy time deciding once the right pick comes your way. Don’t allow yourself to pick without knowing which dining establishments are best though. I’m going to tell you about four restaurants in Falls Church, Virginia that you might want to experience.

Peking Gourmet Inn is one of them, and the location for this restaurant is 6029 Leesburg Pike. It is part of the Culmore Shopping Center, just to give you an additional heads up as to the location. Enjoy hot and sour soup, peking duck, spring rolls, wings and more. Pancakes are even on the menu, which I found to be quite interesting. People say that Peking Gourmet Inn is an excellent choice for a place to eat in Falls Church.

Ireland’s Four Provinces sounds like a unique place to enjoy a meal, doesn’t it? Located at 105 West Broad Street, Ireland’s Four Provinces features everything you might expect to eat at a restaurant known for Irish cuisine. Order up corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips and even a Guinness Burger. You’re talking about authentic Irish food, and that means you’re about to have a wonderful dining experience if you choose this restaurant.

Another Falls Church restaurant that is well known for serving up delicious food is Open Road. Open Road is located at 8100 Lee Highway. Patrons are privy to free popcorn for starters, and the beer selection is supposed to be great there. You will find an outdoor bar and a fun vibe. Burgers, wings, short ribs and salmon salads are all on the menu. It is worth noting that this place is also popular for brunch.

There is also Plaka Grill. Plaka Grill is located at 513 West Broad Street. Known for its Greek & Mediterranean cuisine, Plaka Grill makes for a great stop. Are you in the mood for a gyro? I am always in the mood for a gyro. Put some extra tzatziki sauce on it please. In all seriousness, people say the food here is superb.

Now I want a gyro. What about you? I actually stopped eating meat nearly a year ago, so a gyro is out for me. A vegetable pita with tzatziki sauce isn’t though. You’re about to decide where you want to eat in Falls Church VA, and I hope you have an excellent meal.